Altro is an international flooring manufacturer which has been at the vanguard of innovation for almost 100 years.

The company prides itself on putting people’s needs at the forefront of everything that it does and works closely with architects, designers, engineers, and end users to find practical and creative solutions, which work in the most demanding of today’s fast-paced environments.

Altro maintains the highest standards of safety and durability across its entire product range and continues to raise the bar in the industry when it comes to its safety flooring standards.

  • Altro-Walkway-installation image-06
    £12.50 sq m

    Altro Walkway 20

    Altro Walkway 20 is Altro’s most popular, hard-wearing 2mm safety flooring. The range provides lifelong slip and abrasion resistance and is available in an impressive range of 42 diverse colourways.

  • Domestic-bathroom-Altro-Pisces-installation image
    £21.50 sq m

    Altro Pisces

    The Altro Pisces range truly gives customers the best of both: a leading safety floor, specifically designed to provide absolute safety in wet areas, with anti-slip at its heart, all the while raising the bar in terms of striking flooring design. It comes in 16 attractive colourways and is outstanding in both wet or dry conditions, either in shoes or barefoot.

  • Altro_Impressionist-IP2018
    £23.00 sq m

    Altro Impressionist II

    This highly versatile safety flooring system features a coloured chip design, set in a harmonising background, created by Altro’s team of designers to give more choice and freedom of expression when it comes to your safety flooring.

  • Altro_Classic_Aster-X2549R11
    £25.50 sq m

    Altro Classic 25

    The iconic Altro Classic 25 range from Altro was introduced to the market over 60 years ago as the industry’s first ever safety flooring. Thanks to its fantastic, hard-wearing performance and traditional, industrial look Altro Classic 25 is still just as popular today.

  • Altro_Atlas_X4039
    £41.50 sq m

    Altro Atlas 40

    Altro Atlas 40 is Altro’s toughest safety flooring. Designed to cope with heavy duty industrial use, as well as sports changing rooms, this flooring range is suitable for areas exposed to shoes with studs or spikes.

  • Altro-Reliance-installation image-04
    £24.50 sq m

    Altro Reliance 25

    With a diverse palette of 27 colours to choose from, Altro Reliance 25 is a hard-working safety flooring system which gives you the benefit of overall design flexibility, coupled with the durability required to cope with extremely high levels of foot and wheeled traffic.

    Altro Reliance 25 is ideal for use in hospital corridors and clinical areas, laboratories, and reception areas in large public buildings.

  • Altro-Stronghold-30-Kitchen installation image
    £33.00 sq m

    Altro Stronghold 30

    Not only does Stronghold 30 work hard to keep staff safe from slips in the workplace, the flooring system’s 3mm depth provides noise reduction and comfort underfoot, helping to reduce employee fatigue levels.

    Stronghold 30 is Altro’s hardest working anti-slip safety flooring and it comes in 13 varied colourways, all of which are designed to minimise risk in wet and greasy conditions for the lifetime of the flooring.

    Price excludes VAT.

  • Altro_Wood_Safety-Vintage_Cherry_installation image
    £15.85 sq m

    Altro Wood Safety

    With its wood-look design, Altro Wood Safety has all the aesthetic benefits of a real wood floor, whilst having enhanced slip resistance and long term cleanability.

    Altro Wood Safety works well with contemporary interiors and is available in 20 wood-effect designs, including a variety of classic and modern looks, giving you ultimate choice over your flooring design.

  • Altro_Xpresslay_Public_space installation image
    £15.50 sq m

    Altro XpressLay

    Altro XpressLay is the world’s first ever adhesive-free safety floor, which also has the added advantage of being 100% sustainable.

    This award-winning flooring system is ideal for areas where adhered safety flooring is unsuitable, such as historical and listed buildings, temporary installations or in areas which have damp subfloors.

  • Altro-Suprema-Fossil-SUI2067
    £21.00 sq m

    Altro Suprema

    The Altro Suprema range from Altro is safety flooring as you have never seen it before. Not only has it been created in close collaboration with colour consultants, architects and end users to give customers a product which reflects the latest interior trends, Altro has also made sure that it more than delivers in terms of durability, slip resistance and ease of installation too.