F. Ball

F. Ball and Co. Ltd. is the UK’s leading manufacturer of flooring adhesives and floor preparation products for the contract flooring industry. The company operates from a state-of-the-art facility in Staffordshire.

F. Ball’s extensive product base includes flooring adhesives, smoothing underlayments and ancillary floor preparation products. F. Ball is tried and tested and comes highly recommended for use in a wide range of sectors, including commercial, retail, education, healthcare and leisure.

For guidance on the right adhesive for your floorcovering, please visit the F. Ball Recommended Adhesives Guide.

  • F. Ball_STYCCOBOND_F57

    F. Ball STYCCOBOND F57 (15L)

    F. Ball’s STYCCOBOND F57 is a solvent-free, fibre-filled acrylic-conductive adhesive, designed to give a high bond strength and strong initial tack. In addition to this, STYCCOBOND F57 has a long open time and good plasticiser resistance.

  • F. Ball_STYCCOBOND_F66

    F. Ball STYCCOBOND F66 (5L)

    STYCCOBOND F66 from F. Ball is a solvent-free contact adhesive, which is highly effective at securing PVC and rubber edgings, covings and nosings. It can also be used with floor and wallcoverings with backings of PVC, rubber, cork and most textiles.

  • F. Ball_STYCCOBOND_F46

    F. Ball STYCCOBOND F46 (15L)

    STYCCOBOND F46 from F. Ball is a solvent-free, pressure sensitive, acrylic adhesive that dries to a permanent tacky film. It has been specially developed to reduce the incidence of trowel serrations shadowing through thin vinyl flooring and is designed to give strong initial tack and a high bond strength.

  • F. Ball_STYCCOBOND_F45

    F. Ball STYCCOBOND F45 (15L)

    STYCCOBOND F45 from F. Ball is a non-staining co-polymer emulsion adhesive which has been designed to have enhanced resistance to PVC plasticisers that will also withstand normal wet cleaning techniques.

    Protected against bio-degradation, STYCCOBOND F45 is also suitable for use over normal underfloor heating installations.

  • F. Ball_STYCCOBOND_F44

    F. Ball STYCCOBOND F44 (15L)

    STYCCOBOND F44 from F. Ball is a solvent-free, acrylic emulsion adhesive, which has been designed to give a high bond strength, strong initial tack and a long open time.

  • F. Ball_STYCCOBOND_F40

    F. Ball STYCCOBOND F40 (15L)

    STYCCOBOND F40 from F. Ball is a solvent-free, synthetic polymer emulsion adhesive, which has been cleverly developed with a Dual Bond System – making it both permanent and peelable.


    F. Ball STYCCOBOND F3 (15L)

    STYCCOBOND F3 is widely recognised as the UK’s most used flooring adhesive. Having been on the market for over 40 years, it commands around 70% compatibility with the 5,000 floor coverings listed in F. Ball’s Recommended Adhesives Guide.

  • F. Ball_STYCCOBOND_B95

    F. Ball STYCCOBOND B95 (8kg)

    STYCCOBOND B95 from F. Ball is an environmentally-friendly, flexible adhesive which has been specifically developed for wood floorcoverings and accommodates the natural movement in the wood over its lifetime.