• DESSO_Desert_9502_installation-image
    £19.80 sq m

    DESSO Desert

    DESSO’s Desert carpet tile range has been ingeniously created with a texture that reflects the constantly shifting sands of a desert landscape.

    This solution dyed, structured loop pile carpet tile boasts a subtly layered organic design, which brings a feeling of vast, open space to any interior and comes in nine thought-provoking colourways.


  • DESSO_Essence_9501_&_Essence_Stripe_9501
    £10.50 sq m

    DESSO Essence

    Essence is a versatile range, which has been cleverly created by Desso’s team of designers, and comes in 24 block colours. Essence can also be used in combination with Essence Stripe, Essence Structure and Essence Maze carpet tiles to give endless design opportunities for your flooring space.

  • DESSO_Essence_Stripe_8802_installation-image
    £14.90 sq m

    DESSO Essence Stripe

    The Desso Essence Stripe carpet tile is part of a wider range of premium quality, yet affordable, flooring. It can be used on its own or combined with Desso’s Essence, Essence Structure or Essence Maze carpet tiles, giving you endless creative possibilities for your floor space.

  • DESSO_Essence_Maze_9512_&_Essence_9503
    £16.20 sq m

    DESSO Essence Maze

    The Essence Maze carpet tile range from Desso is made with solution dyed yarn and comes in 12 bold colourways, from anthracite grey to vibrant red and a striking navy blue. This outstanding, yet affordable carpet tile range will instantly transform any indoor floor space.

  • DESSO_Essence-Structure_9501_installation-image
    £17.80 sq m

    DESSO Essence Structure

    Created by Desso’s expert team of designers, Essence Structure boasts an eye-catching, stone-washed effect, achieved through the careful contrast of light and dark tones. Neutral beiges and greys are blended to create a subtle but effective look, whilst statement colour options, such as vibrant blues and reds, are available to create bolder designs.

  • DESSO_Stratos_8111_installation-image
    £14.00 sq m

    DESSO Stratos

    DESSO Stratos tile is a highly affordable range of solution dyed, tufted loop pile carpet tiles which contain ECONYL® yarn. DESSO Stratos is available in a wide spectrum of 36 classic and contemporary colourways, providing excellent choice for your floor space. Thanks to the durability of Stratos, these carpet tiles are also perfect for heavy traffic areas.

  • DESSO_Rock_8113_installation-image
    £21.25 sq m

    DESSO Rock

    Desso Rock is a bold, eye-catching textured loop pile carpet tile, inspired by nature and designed to create impact and definition across a wide range of flooring schemes. Available in 12 contemporary colourways, Desso Rock can be used on its own or in combination with Desso Salt carpet tiles to create unique, customised flooring designs and effective zoning in your interior space.

  • Polyflor Vogue Ultra PUR Whirlpool installation image
    £14.50 sq m

    Polyflor Polysafe Vogue Ultra PUR


    The Polysafe Vogue Ultra PUR safety flooring range is one of Polyflor’s bestsellers and comes in 18 traditional colourways, all featuring a striking multi-coloured chip decoration made up of coloured quartz, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide particles.

    Polysafe Vogue Ultra PUR is suitable for busy environments with risk of spillage from water and other contaminants and is a popular choice for major use areas within healthcare and education settings, thanks to its high BRE Global rating. The flooring range is also highly suitable for social housing, leisure and commercial office interiors.

  • Polysafe Arena PUR Flagstone Grey installation image
    £19.00 sq m

    Polyflor Polysafe Arena PUR

    Polyflor’s Polysafe Arena PUR range blends cutting edge, contemporary design, with certified anti-slip technology, to bring you a safety floor that is as robust as it is stylish.

    Available in 12 striking material designs, Polysafe Arena PUR is suitable for busy commercial environments with risk of spillage from water and other contaminants, and is a popular choice for corridors, receptions, hospital wards, offices and classrooms, as well as shops, cafes and bars.

  • Polysafe Wood fx PUR Oiled Oak installation image
    £18.50 sq m

    Polyflor Polysafe Wood fx PUR

    Polysafe Wood fx PUR is a high quality, decorative safety vinyl flooring range that is certified to offer years of anti-slip and hard-wearing performance.

    Polysafe Wood fx PUR comes in 12 different authentic wood-effect shades, from the very light Oiled and Sun-drenched Oak, to the darker shades of Tropical Pine and Aged Oak. Each shade has non-intrusive safety aggregates within the vinyl which creates a safe, yet attractive, interior in both commercial and residential areas.

  • Polyflor Affinity255 PUR - French Limed Oak installation image
    £14.95 sq m

    Polyflor Affinity255 PUR

    Affinity255 PUR is a beautiful range of luxury vinyl tiles, carefully created with a luxury wood effect by Polyflor’s expert team of designers, and is the perfect, practical-meets-design-led flooring solution for modern commercial settings.

    Available in 16 stunning authentically reproduced wood plank designs, each design blends contemporary and recycled timber patterns with the benefit of being engineered specifically for areas with heavy footfall in mind, including retail, education, healthcare, office and leisure sectors. Affinity255 PUR is also ideal for use within residential settings.

  • Expona Commercial Stone and Effect PUR installation image - White Brazilian Slate 5042
    £16.50 sq m

    Polyflor Expona Commercial Stone and Effect PUR

    Expona Commercial Stone and Effect PUR is an exclusive collection of luxury vinyl tiles, designed to replicate the natural beauty of stone, slate and marble.

    Each of the tiles have been developed to withstand heavy duty usage in commercial areas, including retail, leisure, office, education and healthcare sectors, yet are versatile enough to be a practical flooring solution for the home too. Expona Commercial Stone and Effect PUR comes in 26 diverse colourways, all featuring the realistic surface textures of natural materials.

  • Polyflor_Expona_Flow_wood_PUR_Reclaimed-Chevron-9830
    £16.50 sq m

    Polyflor Expona Commercial Wood PUR

    Expona Commercial Wood PUR is an exclusive collection of luxury vinyl tiles which have been skilfully designed by leading UK flooring manufacturer, Polyflor, to replicate the natural beauty of timber.

    Each of the tiles have been developed to withstand heavy duty usage in commercial areas, including the retail, leisure, office, education and healthcare sectors, yet are versatile enough to be a practical flooring solution for the home too.

  • Polyflor Forest fx PUR installation image Smoked Oak 3150
    £15.50 sq m

    Polyflor Forest fx PUR

    The Forest fx PUR vinyl flooring range from Polyflor encompasses the natural beauty and sophistication of real wood and has been designed solely with commercial interiors in mind.

    Highly durable and easy to maintain, Forest fx PUR comes in 14 contemporary colour shades, ranging from the light Oiled Oak and Vermont Maple to the dark and striking Smoked Oak and Classic Walnut.

  • Polyflor Classic Mystique installation image Nocturne 1380
    £14.50 sq m

    Polyflor Classic Mystique PUR

    The Classic Mystique PUR safety flooring range from Polyflor features a tonal, non-directional appearance, brought to life with duotone chip decoration and the added effect of marbleised highlight chips in complementary tones.

    Ideally suited for heavy traffic areas, Classic Mystique PUR has exceptional performance capabilities and is recommended for use throughout commercial interiors, healthcare and education facilities, as well as retail outlets.

  • Polyflor_Polysafe_Standard_PUR_Lilac_Blue_4580_installation image
    £11.50 sq m

    Polyflor Polysafe Standard PUR

    Polysafe Standard PUR is one of Polyflor’s most popular types of safety flooring and is renowned for its high-performance capabilities when it comes to anti-slip and long-term durability.

    Perfect for heavy traffic areas carrying risks of water spillage and other contaminants, this versatile range is a popular choice for classrooms, healthcare environments, office spaces and social housing.

  • Polyflor_Expona_Flow_PUR_Silvered_Pine_9836_Flaxen_9849_Burnt-Orange-9848_Plum-9847_installation image
    £15.50 sq m

    Polyflor Expona Flow PUR

    Polyflor’s Expona Flow PUR collection offers something to suit all tastes, interiors and styles and has been specially developed for heavy commercial installations within the education, healthcare, office, retail and leisure sectors.

    This heavy-duty flooring range comes in 50 diverse colourways, including beautifully replicated wood planks, striking abstract effects and more traditional multi-coloured chip decoration, all available in practical and highly durable vinyl sheet format.

  • Altro-Walkway-installation image-06
    £12.50 sq m

    Altro Walkway 20

    Altro Walkway 20 is Altro’s most popular, hard-wearing 2mm safety flooring. The range provides lifelong slip and abrasion resistance and is available in an impressive range of 42 diverse colourways.

  • Domestic-bathroom-Altro-Pisces-installation image
    £21.50 sq m

    Altro Pisces

    The Altro Pisces range truly gives customers the best of both: a leading safety floor, specifically designed to provide absolute safety in wet areas, with anti-slip at its heart, all the while raising the bar in terms of striking flooring design. It comes in 16 attractive colourways and is outstanding in both wet or dry conditions, either in shoes or barefoot.

  • Altro_Impressionist-IP2018
    £23.00 sq m

    Altro Impressionist II

    This highly versatile safety flooring system features a coloured chip design, set in a harmonising background, created by Altro’s team of designers to give more choice and freedom of expression when it comes to your safety flooring.

  • Altro_Classic_Aster-X2549R11
    £25.50 sq m

    Altro Classic 25

    The iconic Altro Classic 25 range from Altro was introduced to the market over 60 years ago as the industry’s first ever safety flooring. Thanks to its fantastic, hard-wearing performance and traditional, industrial look Altro Classic 25 is still just as popular today.

  • Altro_Atlas_X4039
    £41.50 sq m

    Altro Atlas 40

    Altro Atlas 40 is Altro’s toughest safety flooring. Designed to cope with heavy duty industrial use, as well as sports changing rooms, this flooring range is suitable for areas exposed to shoes with studs or spikes.

  • Altro-Reliance-installation image-04
    £24.50 sq m

    Altro Reliance 25

    With a diverse palette of 27 colours to choose from, Altro Reliance 25 is a hard-working safety flooring system which gives you the benefit of overall design flexibility, coupled with the durability required to cope with extremely high levels of foot and wheeled traffic.

    Altro Reliance 25 is ideal for use in hospital corridors and clinical areas, laboratories, and reception areas in large public buildings.

  • Altro-Stronghold-30-Kitchen installation image
    £33.00 sq m

    Altro Stronghold 30

    Not only does Stronghold 30 work hard to keep staff safe from slips in the workplace, the flooring system’s 3mm depth provides noise reduction and comfort underfoot, helping to reduce employee fatigue levels.

    Stronghold 30 is Altro’s hardest working anti-slip safety flooring and it comes in 13 varied colourways, all of which are designed to minimise risk in wet and greasy conditions for the lifetime of the flooring.

    Price excludes VAT.

  • Altro_Wood_Safety-Vintage_Cherry_installation image
    £15.85 sq m

    Altro Wood Safety

    With its wood-look design, Altro Wood Safety has all the aesthetic benefits of a real wood floor, whilst having enhanced slip resistance and long term cleanability.

    Altro Wood Safety works well with contemporary interiors and is available in 20 wood-effect designs, including a variety of classic and modern looks, giving you ultimate choice over your flooring design.

  • Altro_Xpresslay_Public_space installation image
    £15.50 sq m

    Altro XpressLay

    Altro XpressLay is the world’s first ever adhesive-free safety floor, which also has the added advantage of being 100% sustainable.

    This award-winning flooring system is ideal for areas where adhered safety flooring is unsuitable, such as historical and listed buildings, temporary installations or in areas which have damp subfloors.

  • Altro-Suprema-Fossil-SUI2067
    £21.00 sq m

    Altro Suprema

    The Altro Suprema range from Altro is safety flooring as you have never seen it before. Not only has it been created in close collaboration with colour consultants, architects and end users to give customers a product which reflects the latest interior trends, Altro has also made sure that it more than delivers in terms of durability, slip resistance and ease of installation too.