Carpet Tiles

PDQ Online Flooring stocks a wide range of high quality carpet tiles from renowned flooring brands.

  • Tessera-Arran-Installation-image
    £23.95 sq m

    Tessera Arran

    The Arran Carpet Tile range from Tessera has been designed to have a natural, almost ‘artisan’ feel, which hides the complex multi-height textured loop pile design and the state of the art manufacturing technology used to create it. Arran is available in 12 colourways, which range from natural shades to the more vibrant tones, to complement today’s most contemporary interior environments.

  • Teviot_12_Saxe_Blue-installation-images
    £11.50 sq m

    Tessera Teviot

    With over 10 million square metres already installed, the Teviot Carpet Tile is Tessera’s most popular low loop pile carpet tile and without doubt one of the best-selling carpet tiles in the UK.


    The Teviot Carpet Tile is manufactured from 100% Aquafil polyamide and comes in 48 colourways. It is suitable for every type of commercial installation and the tile’s unrivalled resilience and durability means that it can cope in even the highest areas of traffic, making it perfect for busy office and education environments.

  • Tessera_Barcode_314_timeline
    £15.00 sq m

    Tessera Barcode

    The Tessera Barcode Carpet Tile range from Forbo is a low-level loop pile tile that is bang on trend with its bold bands of contrasting colours in varying widths. This confident design can be laid in a variety of styles, including brick, tessellated, quarter-turn or even quarter-brick, to create an effect that is stylised and individual to your space.


    Barcode comes in 18 different colours, each featuring five individual tonal and contrasting shades drawing from the latest colour palette of solution dyed yarns. All the colours within the Barcode range have been handpicked and blended to harmonise with a wide range of interior design schemes.

  • £23.00 sq m

    Tessera Alignment

    Tessera Alignment is a hybrid carpet tile, which has all the durability of a conventional loop pile carpet tile yet benefits from the high quality aesthetics and luxury feel that a cut pile carpet tile has. This intelligent hybrid, from Forbo’s renowned designers, gives a highly effective broadloom appearance, with a distinguished linear style.

  • £12.50 sq m

    Tessera Layout

    Tessera Layout comes in a dynamic, on-trend colour palette of 32 colourways, each with eight coordinated stripes, giving endless creative possibilities for any flooring scheme.

  • Tessera_Contour_1903_White Spruce_Allura Flex_mix
    £26.50 sq m

    Tessera Contour

    The Tessera Contour carpet tile range comes in a beautiful range of 10 tonal colourways and is a highly versatile carpet tile, ideal for use throughout offices large and small, as well as communal areas and corridors. Tessera Contour can be used on its own, or in combination with any Forbo Flooring products, for creative and individual flooring designs.

  • Outline_3102_Soda_flooring image
    £14.00 sq m

    Tessera Outline

    The Tessera Outline range from Forbo is a subtly-textured, striped loop pile carpet tile. Each of the range’s eight colourways have been cleverly designed to match two colours from the Tessera Layout range, giving you enormous possibilities and freedom of expression with your floor design.

  • Inline_878 Steam with Layout (background) 2
    £17.50 sq m

    Tessera Inline

    The Tessera Inline collection from Forbo has been recently refreshed and offers a high quality, multi-pile height loop pile carpet tile which has a rich differential linear texture that combines exceptionally well with a variety of carpet tiles within the Tessera range.

  • CreateSpace2_2805_Olivaceous_flooring image
    £17.00 sq m

    Tessera Create Space 2

    Tessera Create Space 2 is a range of tufted level loop pile carpet tiles, which comes in 15 contemportary colourways. Create Space carpet tiles can be fitted in a variety of styles, including broadloom, non-directional (which reduces installation waste to less than 2%), tessellated or half drop, with each style creating a very modern and individual aesthetic.

  • Diffusion_2007_PerpetualMotion_flooring image 2
    £17.50 sq m

    Tessera Diffusion

    The Tessera Diffusion carpet tile collection embraces a fresh new approach to office space design. Tessera Diffusion is available in a broad range of 16 exciting colourways, ranging from the very dark and impactful ‘Space Quest’, to the beautiful light shade of ‘Perpetual Motion’. Any floor will take centre stage when it features Tessera Diffusion tiles.

  • Mix_969_Glacier_flooring image
    £17.95 sq m

    Tessera Mix

    Tessera Mix is available in a broad spectrum of 15 colourways and has been designed specifically for use in commercial, hospitality and public interiors. Its soft geometric aesthetic will liven up and improve any sized interior floor space – from intimate corridors to wide-reaching open plan offices.

  • Helix_808_Silica_flooring image
    £26.50 sq m

    Tessera Helix

    The distinctive design of the Tessera Helix carpet tile range uses high lustre Antron® ‘metallic‘ yarn to give a restrained, reflective quality to this charismatic multi-height loop pile tile.

  • DESSO_Desert_9502_installation-image
    £19.80 sq m

    DESSO Desert

    DESSO’s Desert carpet tile range has been ingeniously created with a texture that reflects the constantly shifting sands of a desert landscape.

    This solution dyed, structured loop pile carpet tile boasts a subtly layered organic design, which brings a feeling of vast, open space to any interior and comes in nine thought-provoking colourways.


  • DESSO_Essence_9501_&_Essence_Stripe_9501
    £10.50 sq m

    DESSO Essence

    Essence is a versatile range, which has been cleverly created by Desso’s team of designers, and comes in 24 block colours. Essence can also be used in combination with Essence Stripe, Essence Structure and Essence Maze carpet tiles to give endless design opportunities for your flooring space.

  • DESSO_Essence_Stripe_8802_installation-image
    £14.90 sq m

    DESSO Essence Stripe

    The Desso Essence Stripe carpet tile is part of a wider range of premium quality, yet affordable, flooring. It can be used on its own or combined with Desso’s Essence, Essence Structure or Essence Maze carpet tiles, giving you endless creative possibilities for your floor space.

  • DESSO_Essence_Maze_9512_&_Essence_9503
    £16.20 sq m

    DESSO Essence Maze

    The Essence Maze carpet tile range from Desso is made with solution dyed yarn and comes in 12 bold colourways, from anthracite grey to vibrant red and a striking navy blue. This outstanding, yet affordable carpet tile range will instantly transform any indoor floor space.

  • DESSO_Essence-Structure_9501_installation-image
    £17.80 sq m

    DESSO Essence Structure

    Created by Desso’s expert team of designers, Essence Structure boasts an eye-catching, stone-washed effect, achieved through the careful contrast of light and dark tones. Neutral beiges and greys are blended to create a subtle but effective look, whilst statement colour options, such as vibrant blues and reds, are available to create bolder designs.

  • DESSO_Stratos_8111_installation-image
    £14.00 sq m

    DESSO Stratos

    DESSO Stratos tile is a highly affordable range of solution dyed, tufted loop pile carpet tiles which contain ECONYL® yarn. DESSO Stratos is available in a wide spectrum of 36 classic and contemporary colourways, providing excellent choice for your floor space. Thanks to the durability of Stratos, these carpet tiles are also perfect for heavy traffic areas.

  • DESSO_Rock_6102_&_Salt_6112-installation-image
    £21.20 sq m

    DESSO Salt

    Desso Salt comes in six understated colourways and can be used on its own or in combination with colours from Desso’s Rock carpet tile range. Working together, Salt’s subtle shades offset perfectly against the vivid hues and blocks of colour that Rock brings.

  • DESSO_Rock_8113_installation-image
    £21.25 sq m

    DESSO Rock

    Desso Rock is a bold, eye-catching textured loop pile carpet tile, inspired by nature and designed to create impact and definition across a wide range of flooring schemes. Available in 12 contemporary colourways, Desso Rock can be used on its own or in combination with Desso Salt carpet tiles to create unique, customised flooring designs and effective zoning in your interior space.

  • DESSO_Frisk_7223_installation-image
    £21.80 sq m

    DESSO Frisk

    Frisk is a richly structured, space and solution dyed, tufted loop pile carpet tile which has natural irregularities giving the impression of a hand-woven textile. It has been carefully created by Desso’s renowned team of designers to add a sense of calm and serenity to your interior and comes in 16 vibrant colourways.

  • DESSO_Fields_9093_installation-image
    £27.75 sq m

    DESSO Fields

    The Desso Fields carpet tile collection is a textured carpet tile with large, irregular loops that give the beautiful impression of a hand-woven textile. It comes with DESSO EcoBase® as its standard backing and is available in 22 different colourways, each offering a real sense of depth and warmth to your interior.

  • DESSO_Grain_9506_installation-image
    £16.60 sq m

    DESSO Grain

    Desso Grain is a solution dyed, low level loop pile carpet tile and is available in 12 diverse colourways – from gentle, more neutral shades to bolder hues, including striking blues and a sharp red.

  • Tessera_CS1_1800_Ebonite_1813_Nickel_1809_Persimmon_1805_Peridot_1811_Cerulean
    £14.50 sq m

    Tessera Create Space 1

    The Tessera Create Space 1 carpet tile range has been carefully designed by Forbo’s expert team of designers for commercial spaces both large and small. This exceptionally flexible, high quality range works well as a single colourway installation, as a feature area design or combined with Forbo’s other Tessera Create Space ranges for a more bespoke creative scheme.

  • Tessera_In_Touch_installation-image-3
    £23.95 sq m

    Tessera In-touch Plank

    The beautiful Tessera In-touch Plank collection from Forbo has been created with a luxurious texture and hand-crafted design at its core. Designed exclusively by Forbo’s expert team of designers, these tufted multi-pile height loop carpet tile planks come in ten distinguished colours.


    Individual plank dimensions: 100cm (L) x 25cm (W)

  • Layout_and_Outline_Planks_installation-image-2
    £12.50 sq m

    Tessera Layout Planks

    The Tessera Layout Planks collection from Forbo encompasses the same high quality, striking design that Tessera Layout carpet tiles have, yet in 100cm x 25cm plank format.

  • £50.00 sq m

    Forbo Coral Classic Tiles

    When it comes to capturing moisture and dirt, Forbo Coral Classic Tiles deliver the same high performance as Forbo’s Coral Classic flooring range, but with the added flexibility that comes with a 50cm x 50cm tile format.

    Available in 13 striking colourways, Forbo Coral Classic Tiles are compliant with the highest fire class standard for a textile product Bfl-s1.

  • Coral-Brush-Tiles-5705-bondi-blue,-Coral-Classic-Tiles-4721-mouse-grey-&-4751-silver-grey
    £51.00 sq m

    Forbo Coral Brush Tiles

    The ideal choice for all types of entrance areas, the Coral Brush carpet tile range from Forbo is renowned for its enhanced durability in commercial environments with high levels of heavy foot traffic. It is also exceptionally good at both absorbing moisture and removing dry soiling, making it the perfect solution for entrance areas.

  • Allura-Flex-0.55-1997-petrol-oak-&-1984-seaweed-solid-oak
    £25.00 sq m

    Forbo Allura Flex 0.55 Wood Loose Lay Tiles

    Allura Flex 0.55 Wood from Forbo is an authentic range of wood design flooring, with all the comfort, easy cleaning, and easy-to-install benefits of a heterogeneous Luxury Vinyl Tile.

    Allura Flex 0.55 Wood works brilliantly in a wide range of commercial interiors, including office, retail and hospitality spaces and are available in three plank size options: 20cm x 100cm, 20cm x 120cm and 28cm x 150cm.